Collaboration For Solutions

The Path to Meaningful Resolution

The Collaboration For Solutions (CFS) initiative aims to demonstrate Kohala Institute’s mission of providing opportunities to connect with universal values and the land to create a better world. CFS focuses on bringing people and groups together to find solutions to the many challenges and issues of discord facing our communities today. These issues are steeped in conflict because stakeholders tend to identify more with their position than with the need to resolve the conflict. The solutions tend to be right in front of us, but it takes trust and collaboration to make them into a reality.


Our world is in a catastrophic state of endless conflicts and we are in desperate need of real and effective solutions.


CFS helps groups resolve conflicts by using Hawaiian cultural principles and land-based practices to encourage people to set aside their differences and work toward achieving a common goal – while they participate in activities like creating a trail, restoring a kalo (taro) patch or working together on a sustainable vegetable farm.


There’s no better time than now to bring diverse or conflicting parties together, whether on a community or global scale, to seek pathways to resolution for a better tomorrow.

CFS begins with an emphasis on first building and establishing relationships among participants through place-based and experiential learning experiences within Kohala Institute’s ‘Iole ahupua‘a, whether clearing a trail or working in a taro patch or growing food at a sustainable vegetable farm.

After a series of experiences where participants learn how to work collaboratively in ways that help us to connect with our environment, ourselves and each other, substantive discussion is gradually introduced through a designed process of alliance building and professional facilitation.

Our CFS modules are customized based on the type of issue, how much time is available and whether there are five stakeholders or five thousand. To learn more or to inquire about our services, please contact us.

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